Who we are

Over 50 years vested in guiding, advising, and managing diverse real estate portfolios for corporations, individuals and families throughout California. 

Our personal stewardship, informed by our vast experience, is the hallmark of our advisory approach.

Anthony Luna and George Mayer

Our Coastline Equity Way

We rely on decades of experience in finance, development, and management, which gives us a unique perspective that translates into maximizing the value of your real estate holdings.
Property Management
Asset Stewardship
Tailored Approach

Property Management
We act on behalf of the owner to preserve the value of your property, while generating income.

Asset Stewardship
With a 30,000 feet view of all aspects of your property we give you careful and responsible management.

Tailored Approach
We listen to your goals and objectives for each property in your portfolio to create a unique approach.

George Mayer
Anthony Luna-1

As Founder and President, George established offices in Riverside and Los Angeles Counties, giving Coastline Equity the ability to oversee properties in six counties.

Vice President Anthony Luna is responsible for all aspects of operations, including oversight of client’s assets and performance. 

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